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Ren Duchac, whose migr parents owned a restaurant, The

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Prudden reports the case of a girl of twenty-five who, during convalescence from variola, became paraplegic, and during this time multiple neuromata appeared. At the postmortem more than a thousand tumors were found affecting not only the peripheral branches and the sympathetic, but also the cranial nerves and the pneumogastric. Under the microscope these tumors showed an increase in the interfascicular as well as perivascular fibers, but the nerve-fibers were not increased in size or number. Virchow collected 30 cases of multiple neurofibromata. In one case he found 500, in another from 800 to 1000 tumors.

Ren Duchac, whose migr parents owned a restaurant, The

Plexiform neuroma is always congenital, and is found most frequently in the temporal region, the neck, and the sides of the face, but almost any part of the body may be affected. Christot reports two cases in which the tumors were located upon the cheek and the neck. Czerny observed a case in which the tumor involved the lumbar plexus. Quoted by Senn, Campbell de Morgan met with a plexiform neuroma of the musculo-spiral nerve and its branches. The patient was a young lady, and the tumor, which was not painful, had undergone myxomatous degeneration.

Ren Duchac, whose migr parents owned a restaurant, The

Neuroma of the vulva is a pathologic curiosity. Simpson reports a case in which the tumor was a painful nodule situated near the urinary meatus. Kennedy mentions an instance in which the tumor appeared as extremely tender tubercles.

Ren Duchac, whose migr parents owned a restaurant, The

Tietze describes a woman of twenty-seven who exhibited a marked type of plexiform neurofibroma. The growth was simply excised and recovery was promptly effected.

Carcinomatous growths, if left to themselves, make formidable devastations of the parts which they affect. Warren pictures a case of noli-me-tangere, a destructive type of epithelial carcinoma. The patient suffered no enlargement of the lymphatic glands. The same absence of glandular involvement was observed in another individual, in whom there was extensive ulceration. The disease had in this case originated in the scar of a gunshot wound received during the Civil War, and had destroyed the side of the nose, the eye, the ear, the cheek, including the corresponding half of the upper and lower lips.

Harlan reports a most extraordinary epithelioma of the orbit in a boy of about five years. It followed enucleation, and attained the size depicted in a few months.

Sarcomata, if allowed full progress, may attain great size. Plate 10 shows an enormous sarcoma of the buttocks in an adult negro. Fascial sarcomata are often seen of immense size. Senn shows a tumor of this variety which was situated between the scapulae.

Schwimmer records a curious case of universal small sarcomata over the whole body of a teacher of the age of twenty-one, in the Hungarian lowlands. The author called the disease sarcomata pigmentosum diffusum multiplex.


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