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relationship except once, when I used a new word on him.

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Salivary calculi are well known; they may lodge in any of the buccal ducts. There is a record of the case of a man of thirty-seven who suffered great pain and profuse salivation. It was found that he had a stone as large as a pigeon's egg under his tongue.

relationship except once, when I used a new word on him.

Umbilical calculi are sometimes seen, and Deani reports such a case. There is a French record) of a case of exstrophy of the umbilicus, attended with abnormal concretions.

relationship except once, when I used a new word on him.

Aetius, Marcellus Donatus, Scaliger, and Schenck mention calculi of the eyelids.

relationship except once, when I used a new word on him.

There are some extraordinary cases of retention and suppression of urine on record. Actual retention of urine, that is, urinary secretion passed into the bladder, but retention in the latter viscus by inanition, stricture, or other obstruction, naturally cannot continue any great length of time without mechanically rupturing the vesical walls; but suppression of urine or absolute anuria may last an astonishingly extended period. Of the cases of retention of urine, Fereol mentions that of a man of forty-nine who suffered absolute retention of urine for eight days, caused by the obstruction of a uric acid calculus. Cunyghame reports a ease of mechanic obstruction of the flow of urine for eleven days. Trapenard speaks of retention of urine for seven days. Among the older writers Bartholinus mentions ischuria lasting fourteen days; Cornarius, fourteen days; Rhoclius, fifteen days; the Ephemerides, ten, eleven, and twelve days. Croom notes a case of retention of urine from laceration of the vagina during first coitus. Foucard reports a case of retention of urine in a young girl of nineteen, due to accumulation of the menstrual fluid behind an imperforate hymen.

The accumulation of urine in cases of ischuria is sometimes quite excessive. De Vilde speaks of 16 pints being drawn off. Mazoni cites a case in which 15 pounds of urine were retained; and Wilson mentions 16 pounds of urine being drawn off. Frank reports instances in which both 12 and 30 pounds of urine were evacuated. There is a record at the beginning of this century in which it is stated that 31 pounds of urine were evacuated in a case of ischuria.

Following some toxic or thermic disturbance, or in diseased kidneys, suppression of urine is quite frequently noticed. The older writers report some remarkable instances: Haller mentions a case lasting twenty-two weeks; Domonceau, six months; and Marcellus Donatus, six months.

Whitelaw describes a boy of eight who, after an attack of scarlet fever, did not pass a single drop of urine from December 7th to December 20th when two ounces issued, after vesication over the kidneys. On January 2d two ounces more were evacuated, and no more was passed until the bowel acted regularly. On January 5th a whole pint of urine passed; after that the kidneys acted normally and the boy recovered. It would be no exaggeration to state that this case lasted from December 5th to January 5th, for the evacuations during this period were so slight as to be hardly worthy of mention.

Lemery reports observation of a monk who during eight years vomited periodically instead of urinating in a natural way. Five hours before vomiting he experienced a strong pain in the kidneys. The vomitus was of dark-red color, and had the odor of urine. He ate little, but drank wine copiously, and stated that the vomiting was salutary to him, as he suffered more when he missed it.


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